Lexington Homelessness Commission Named

Jul 5, 2012

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray has named 31 people to his Commission on Homelessness.  There were some 116 individuals who had volunteered to be part of the commission.  In naming the membership, Mayor Gray said, “ A safe and caring community where basic human needs are met is essential to building a great American city.”    The mayor says the size of the group reflects the community response on the issue.  The commission members include homeless, advocates for the homeless, neighbors, faith community members, business leaders, and council members.

  Urban County Council member Steve Kay has been tabbed to chair the commission.  Former council member and one of the key leaders of the effort to build Lexington Hope Homeless Center, Debra Hensely will serve as co-chair.  The group is expected to hold its first meeting this summer. Gray has asked for a report by the end of the year.