Lexington Hears 2nd Premiere in a Year

Feb 16, 2012

A composer who’s created two unique pieces for Lexington audiences returns tomorrow to the Singletary Center.   Last summer, Daniel Kellogg’s “Look up at the Sky” was performed for the first time during theChamber Music Festival of Lexington.  Friday evening, Kellogg’s composition, How Radiant the Dawn, is performed by the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra.

“They are working really hard to bring new and interesting ideas and a really interesting program to this community.  And you can look at orchestras in towns of a similar size across the country and you will not see this kind of thing going on in most of those places,” said Kellogg.

Kellogg, who’s a professor at the University of Colorado, has also composed pieces for the National Symphony Orchestra and the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.   The Lexington Philharmonic, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this season, also performs works from Schubert and Beethoven.