Lexington Graduates Record Number of Police Officers

Sep 29, 2017

Police Officer Badges Await Pinning Thursday Morning
Credit Stu Johnson

The largest police recruit class in Lexington’s history participated in a graduation ceremony Thursday. 

It’s a sign of things to come in the police division.

The lobby at Tates Creek Christian Church was buzzing just prior to the ceremony recognizing 48 police cadets. 

One of the new officers is Andrew Miller who believes community policing is very important.

“Being able to see kids that grew up in lower income areas.  Being able to see an officer and being able to change their perception in the general public,” said Miller.

Kathryn Scordo is also a part of the record size recruit class.  

“I worked at a bank before this and I felt like I wanted to do more for the place that I was living in and policing really gave me an opportunity to do that,” said Scordo.

Police Chief Mark Barnard says his division is hiring another 51 people to participate in the next police cadet class in October.