Lexington Government Info at Hand

 Information about Lexington city contracts, ordinance proposals, and other legislative documents will soon be just a few mouse clicks away.  There's a lot of information that goes into preparing a docket or agenda for a Lexington council meeting and it normally takes Deputy Council Clerk Meredith Nelson several days to complete. But a new web-based program called Legistar is making it easier for Nelson and the general public to keep track of council proposals.

"You'll be able to see the history of the item. You'll see that it's had first reading, second reading, if it's been tabled, when it's been tabled to. So there's just going to be a lot more information available for items that you might be interested in," says Nelson.

With Legistar, users can do a keyword search of an item such as a sewer project and find not just a summary of what will be voted on by council, but also all the supporting documents.

City employees have been training the on the system since June. Legistar should launch sometime later this month or in early November and will cost Lexington about $29,000 a year.

Louisville, Milwaukee, Pittsburg, and San Francisco use similar programs.