Lexington Firefighters To Assist in Hurricane, Flood Relief

Aug 30, 2017

Credit kentucky.com

A group of 20 Lexington firefighters will spend the next eight to ten days in Texas, assisting with hurricane and flood relief efforts. 

The crew, along with two boats, other land vehicles, and a support trailer will be staging in the city of College Station. 

Fire Chief Kristin Chilton says the team is expected to participate in rescue operations for people and animals.  Chilton says several firefighters have participated in such relief and recovery efforts before. 

“A couple of them when Katrina came through, they were deployed there, so they have had some previous experience.   Have a lot of members this will be their first time of anything like this, but all have confidence, they’ve all been extremely well trained and it’s quite an honor and I’m very proud of them to be going down there to represent Lexington,” explained Chilton.

Chilton says sending a team to Texas will not adversely affect emergency response here in the Bluegrass.  The chief says sufficient resources remain in Lexington to respond to calls this weekend.