Lexington Drivers Ed Program Growing

May 18, 2012

Driving instructors with the Fayette County Attorney’s office hope to have access to a second practice track by June.  County Attorney Larry Roberts says a newly paved area is planned next to a driving pad they currently share with Lexington’s police and sanitation departments.  Roberts says the program emphasizes defensive driving.

  For example, Roberts says they attach caster wheels to the back of a vehicle, simulating a spin-out, even at a slow speed.

“And in 30 minutes our instructors can teach him how to do that without spinning out…and then he can go 20 to 25 miles an hour at the end of the course and not lose the car….so it shows them that that car gets out of control..they can die or get seriously injured,” said Roberts.

And, Roberts would like to see Fayette County Schools offer a drivers ed program.

“Richmond Virginia has a driving pad on every school property…just for driving education…and they also take them out on the road, but they teach them primarily on the thing because you can teach a child to drive on this driving pad and do everything and I want our school system to take a hard look at this,” added Roberts.

Roberts says some 85 students participated in the driver education program last summer.  He anticipates 150 youngsters could receive instruction this summer.