Lexington Councilwoman Pitches Public Art Honoring Women

Aug 30, 2017

Credit kfw.org

A Lexington council committee will study ways of increasing representation of women through public art.  

Council member Jennifer Mossotti made the request Tuesday.


Mossotti says the recognition could come in the form of statues or paintings. 

She says it could involve a non-specific statue representing all women. 

“I don’t think that’s going to be the case.  There’ll be a lot of different options and we’ll just see what happens,” said Mossotti.  “This is just a discussion item which is worthy of a discussion.”

Mossotti notes that Lexington has had female mayors, vice mayors, and a large number of women serving on its council.  

She says a generic statue of a woman is planned for the Wellington Park women’s garden.  It’s expected to be unveiled next year on Mother’s Day.