Lexington Council Working to Pin Down a Budget

Jun 11, 2012

A man with years of experience on Lexington’s Urban County Council predicts their vote on a new city budget should be less stressful.  A year ago, the council approved worker layoffs and fee increases.  This year, council member Bill Farmer says that’s not the case. “We really took our medicine last year and got rid of empty positions, got rid of a few positions with people in them..raised some of the fees and things around health care and the government and its employees and re-organized government a little bit,” said Farmer.

Farmer says the council’s current 290-million dollar spending plan is a couple-hundred thousand dollars bit bigger than the budget proposed by Lexington’s mayor. The veteran councilmember believes there is sufficient support to fund over a million dollars in planning for the Rupp Arena renovation.

“I know there will be some questions about pensions, pension funding and long term pension view, but I don’t think there are any votes running around to not pass budget as the mayor would have proposed it and the council will have amended it,” added Farmer.

The final vote on the budget could come next week.