Lexington Council to Review Consulting Costs

Oct 8, 2013

Credit lexingtonky.gov

Lexington Council members are seeking more information about costs associated with hiring consultants.  It surfaced during a discussion Tuesday at city hall.  A request for a 50 thousand dollar consultant fee sparked a larger debate.  The money is for advice sought on the creation of an office for homeless services. In the end, the Council asked for a report on money spent on consultants during the last three years.

  Council member Julian Beard questions the need for outside help.

“I don’t know why we have the high powered people we have in place here and trust them as opposed to having to go somewhere else and get somebody else to come here and do what we could do ourselves,” said Beard.

Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says it’s hard to render an opinion on consultant costs without further information.

“Well, I don’t know how much we’ve spent, so this is great information that we’re going to get and it does seem that we’ve hired a lot of consultants, but none of us know how many or for how much money, so this will be a good report for us to take a look at and discuss,” said Gorton.

Since they’re spending taxpayer dollars, Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says it’s important to understand the cost and the value of outside consultants.  A report is due back to the Council in early November.