Lexington Council Looks to Speed Up Hiring of Jail Security Guards

May 28, 2014

Credit kyjailers.com

Members of Lexington's Council are looking to speed up the hiring process for jail security officers.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray proposes hiring eight officers this summer and seven more the first of 2015.  

Council this week discussed bringing all 15 on board as soon as possible.  Public Safety Commissioner Clay Mason says Community Corrections is continually looking for new guards.  "In Corrections, it's a high turnover occupation, anywhere in the country.  If you look at Kentucky's correctional situation, they are constantly hiring for all the prisons around the state," said Mason.

Council Member Peggy Henson says it's a tough job, with less than ideal pay.  "We have a collective bargaining agreement coming up with them in a couple of years and their pay needs to be looked at specifically, I think.  They're low paid," said Henson.

The eleventh district representative also says there should be a thorough review into the employee turnover rate.