Lexington Council Gets 'On the Table' Results

Oct 23, 2017

In mid-March, more than 10,000 Lexington area residents participated in a kind of “sound off” event. 

Last week members of a Lexington council committee got an overview of “On the Table” comments.

The report came from Lexington Planning Director Jim Duncan and it addressed issues from growth to transportation to green space.  He says the information was extremely valuable as planners formulated goals and objectives for the comprehensive plan.  Mayor Jim Gray says it’s always good to get citizens input and feedback.

“If we could do it routinely, maybe annually, or every other year.  It’s a big expense of course for the foundation to do that and it’s a lot of work to do it, but it’s really healthy for the city,” said Gray.

Gray is referring to the Blue Grass Community Foundation, which coordinated “On the Table.” 

Council Member Kathy Plomin says it’s important for council to listen to the comments made by citizens as it makes policy decisions. 

“We’ve asked for our community’s input.  They’ve given it to us.  We need to listen or what does that say,” noted Plomin.  “They’re not going to really trust us if we’re asking them for what they think and we don’t pay attention to it.”

Planning Director Jim Duncan gave the overview to members of the council’s Planning and Public Safety Committee last week.  Duncan says some citizens weighed in on in-fill development. 

“There are better things that we can do to make infill work.  The neighborhoods will give a little.  The regulations need to give a little,” said Duncan.  “The developers need to listen and participate.”

In addition to comments related to planning development, Duncan said spring time topics like panhandling and heroin related drug overdose deaths were also heavily discussed.