Lexington Council Backs City-Owned Senior Center

Jul 9, 2013

Seniors Wait to See How the Council Acts on the Center Issue
Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Lexington’s City Council backs building a new stand alone senior citizen center.  A vote affirmed that stance was taken Tuesday at City Hall.    But, more questions remain unanswered.

The Council voted in favor of a city owned and operated senior citizen center.  The motion didn’t rule out other satellite senior facilities.  The YMCA has made a pitch to use city money to establish four senior centers.  Responding to the motion, Council member Kevin Stinnett says the Y is not out of the picture.

“Let me be clear, that that stand alone facility could be on Y property, period.  It could be right next door to it,” said Stinnett.

YMCA C-E-O David Martorano says his organization already serves 58 hundred seniors and would like to still be involved.

“We don’t think anything set in stone.  We don’t think anything is closed,” said Martorano.

Several seniors spoke in favor of one new city run center.  Among them was Sue Alexander, who believes there’s some uncertainty with the YMCA proposal.

“Down the road we never know what some other person who runs that organization is gonna think we need.  The city is elected by us,” explained Alexander.

The Council went into closed session Tuesday to discuss a potential site for a new center, but no decision was made.