Lexington Council Agrees to Sign Charter for Compassion

Oct 13, 2017

Left to right Reverend Albert Pennybacker-Reverend Joan Brown Campbell
Credit Stu Johnson

Lexington's council has voted to join a global initiative to embrace the value of compassion.

The Lexington Fayette community will sign on to the "Charter for Compassion."

Lexington becomes the 401st among cities worldwide to sign on to the Charter.  It’s a document that urges peoples and religions to embrace the core value of compassion.  

One of the creators of the Charter, the Reverend Joan Brown Campbell, attended last night’s council meeting.

“In a troubled world that seems to have so much difficulty loving each other it’s a good time for everybody to join Compassion.”

Crestwood Christian Church Pastor Kory Wilcoxson says becoming a compassionate city is not about hanging a plaque on a wall or signing a document at a press conference. 

Bluegrass United Church of Christ Pastor Marsha Moors-Charles says, to have peace, people with differences of opinion need to be able to sit at the table together. 

“I’m from a pretty progressive church here in Lexington, but we’re really thrilled because we’ve already talked with some really conservative churches who are interested in doing this and we feel like if we can join hands in compassionate acts, surely we can find compassion and kindness as a commonality throughout all our differences,” said Moors-Charles.

With unanimous passage by Lexington's council, the local initiative now moves forward with a community-wide logo contest, social media presence, business, non-profit, and faith partnerships, and a week-long community wide service project in April.