Lexington Could Enlist Private Help in Leaf Collection Efforts

May 11, 2014

Credit lexingtonky.gov

Lexington city officials are planning revisions to its leaf collection program this year.  Members of a Council committee got an update last week. 

Acting Public Works Commissioner Charlie Martin says snow events caused a disruption in the vacuum collection effort this past winter.  "and this year, they didn't start 'til after Halloween, but by Christmas we had had several snows and you don't have time for leaf collection anymore because now you're dealing with snow and ice, so you have a very narrow window in which to operate," said Martin.

The city is looking at bringing in a private firm to assist.  In fact, Martin predicts there will be some privatization of leaf collection incorporated into this year's collection effort.  "I will try to focus on areas where we had a heavy concentration and assign crews whether they be internal or external to focus heavily on those areas," added Martin.

Martin told Council members the aim would be to have the entire leaf collection program completed at least one week before Christmas this year.