Lexington Considers Building Fees Increase

Jan 14, 2014

The fees charged by Lexington for services, such as building permits,  are under review.  Council members today examined planning and engineering fees for residential construction projects.  Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says the personnel costs in providing such services often exceed the revenue collected through fees.

Credit Richard Bowen / Lexington Herald Leader

“The fees don’t pay for the services and you know that’s a philosophical discussion.  Probably in order to pay for the services a hundred percent, the fees would need to be really high,” said Gorton.

Gorton says Lexington’s residential fees are consistent with the fees charged in neighboring communities.  She says there could be some rate adjustments, but it won't be a big money maker for the city.

“There might be some adjustments made.  I doubt there will be very many on the residential side because we fair pretty well right now.  We don’t want to raise our fees so high that we can’t compete with surrounding counties.  That’s bad for business,” added Gorton.

Gorton says the review of city fees for commercial developments will occur at a subsequent meeting.