Lexington Closing Haley Pike Landfill

The city of Lexington plans to close a more than 30 year old landfill by the end year. Division of Environmental Policy spokesman Mark York says there is simply no more room in the Haley Pike landfill. "That was actually the site of a city municipal landfill for years and we stopped sending city trash there back in 1995. And since 1995 we've only allowed construction and demolition debris material to be put in the landfill there."

Waste management operators have been able to keep track of how much material has gone into the landfill by weighing each deposit.

"There'll be a cap that's required, coverage of the material, and monitoring in the future to make sure that there's nothing going on that's harming the environment around the area," says York.

Construction debris can be taken to five other central Kentucky landfills. They include the privately owned Thoroughbred Landfill on Hedger Lane in Lexington, the Bluegrass Waste Alliance Transfer Station on Old Frankfort Pike in Lexington, the Central Kentucky Landfill on Double Culvert Road in Georgetown, the Tri K Landfill on Highway 3249 in Stanford, and the Benson Valley Area Landfill on Highway 151 in Frankfort.