Lexington City Officials Weight Electronic Billboards

Apr 20, 2017

Lexington city leaders are beginning to evaluate the use of electronic billboards along certain roadways in the central Kentucky community.  The idea prompted a number of questions during Tuesday’s council committee meeting.

Following state action, local governing bodies now have the authority to move forward with electronic billboards.  Representatives with Lamar Advertising appeared before the Environmental Quality and Public Works Committee.  Council Member Jennifer Mossotti asked Lamar General Manager Brian Sayre about electronic billboard capabilities. “I don’t support the video digital where it’s ongoing.  I just want the straight static because I think it’s too much of a distraction, so you wouldn’t be pursing it either? Asked Mossotti.

“Not at all.  We don’t want it to flash, blink, scroll, any of that.  No video,” responded Sayre.

Council Member Angela Evans says making changes to signs on a heavily commercial roadway like New Circle Road can still affect residents.  “It bothers me every time I hear people talk about New Circle Road and just think of it as a business zone.  It’s more than that.  And they’re people who care behind those businesses about what’s going on, on that strip of road,” explained Evans.  “So, we do need to value their opinions and their thoughts.”

Brian Sayre says his firm is planning to convert 10 to 20 existing billboards, rather than installing new ones.  Since messages can easily be changed on electronic billboards, Council Member Kevin Stinnett says some existing traditional billboards would be removed.  The item will undergo further review in committee.