Lexington Bus Routes Revised

Dec 28, 2015

Credit lexhomes.com


Lexington’s public transit system is making routes changes for 2016.  Some modifications will be implemented this weekend.

Lextran is expanding its Sunday service to include two way service on routes one through 13.  Two of the transit system’s busier routes, five along Nicholasville Road and eight along Versailles road will be enhanced through revisions to other routes. 

A revised Southland Drive route will create additional service to downtown from Nicholasville Road.  On the Red Mile route, hours are being extended to ten p.m.  The route 17 Northside Connector will remain as is for 20-16, while the afternoon schedule for route 20 in Masterson Station has undergone some revision.  

The route itself hasn’t changed, but it will feature a later departure from the downtown transit center.  The bus fares remain at the one dollar mark.