Lexington-Based Military Care Organization Plans Continued Service in 2014

Dec 24, 2013

Credit military-mission.org

The U.S. military drawdown in countries like Afghanistan is not causing big changes for a Lexington based military care organization.  Military Missions Incorporated hears from contributors all across the United States. 

Volunteer Larry Neuzel says the organization receives corporate as well as individual support. “We get cards, letters, items.  There are some companies that have even taken us and sent us large boxes and so we get those in the mail all the time.  We do this all year long too, it’s not just at Christmas time,” said Neuzel.

Military Missions Incorporated sends out care packages during four scheduled events each year.  Neuzel has noticed a drop in unit size.

“Some of the units that we have mailed things to have not been as large.  In our last mailing, we had about 15 or 16 units and they would either be like ten in a unit up to 60 or 70, whereas, in the past, we maybe had 150 or 200 in a unit,” said Neuzel.

Still, Neuzel says five thousand care packages were sent out this past year.   He says national interest in military missions remains strong.