LEX Threatens to Shut Down Homeless Shelter

May 17, 2012

The fate of a homeless shelter could be decided by the Lexington Board of Adjustments during a revocation hearing Friday at city hall.  Local inspectors claim the Community Inn has not met conditions as set out when it was allowed to open.    The facility, which is situated on Winchester Road, is managed by the Catholic Church.  Council member Chris Ford says coping with homelessness is a complicated issue.

“We’re talking housing…we’re talking social services…we’re talking mental health..we’re talking…so many factors are at play..and we need folks from all those disciplines…to help us make some headway here,” said Ford.

Mayor Jim Gray has asked the board to give the Community Inn time. Meanwhile, the mayor recently formed a Commission on Homelessness.

“Historically in the framework of government.. we are the convening..we are the convening authority often for problem solving,” said Gray.

The mayor plans to appoint members of the commission by June 1st.