Lex. High School "Persistently Low Achieving"

 A Fayette County high school is one of 19 schools across the state that are now considered "persistently low-achieving." Bryan Station High School made the list that was released Wednesday after several years of not meeting benchmarks in math and reading based on No Child Left Behind. "What will happen is the state Department of Education will send a team that will do a leadership audit of the school and will work with the staff at our office to determine recommendations of where we might go from here," says Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent Tom Shelton.

Shelton says a transformation is already underway at Bryan Station High School through the leadership of Principal Mike Henderson, who was hired this summer.

Under state law, other interventions available to persistently low-achieving schools include replacing half the faculty and closing the school, but Shelton says he is not in favor of those options for Bryan Station.