LEX Fire Chief wants 2nd Pension

Lexington Fire Chief Bob Hendricks says he has a total and permanent occupational disability. His request for a disability retirement came before the Police and Fire Pension Board Wednesday morning, while the embattled chief remains on paid leave. Hendricks was asked resign from his post two months ago amid overtime and budget problems within the Division of Fire. He refused to step down.

A Lexington pension would not be the first for Hendricks, who retired from city government on a service pension before he was eventually brought back and appointed Chief. Retired police officer and pension board member Tommy Puckett says Hendricks should have never been allowed to double-dip to begin with.

"The possibility of him being able to draw two pensions from this pension system, I have a great issue with."

Mayor Jim Gray says the board has followed the retirement statute and referred Hendricks' disability claim to two independent doctors.

Efforts to have Hendricks dismissed by the city are stalled.

"The disability statute takes precedent over any other action," said Gray.

If Hendricks' second retirement were to be approved, the disability pension would be 60 to 75 percent of his current salary, which is more than $148,000 a year.