Legislators Could Approve School Calendar Flexibility

Mar 9, 2017

Credit Kentucky.com

The Kentucky House voted 77 to 18 in favor of a school calendar bill offering districts an option for when class begin after summer break.

Senate Bill 50 gives school districts options in setting a school year start date. Heavily debated legislation in 2016 required a late August start up. Dry Ridge Representative Brian Linder said this bill allows school systems that begin the school year no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26th to adopt a variable instructional format. 

“This is to give kids a summer. It also will help our tourism industry, but you’re not sacrificing class time because that 1062 is what they have to do now. We’re continue to hold them to the 1062 hours,” he said.
Under the bill, the school day could not be lengthened longer than 7 hours.

Scottsville Rep. Wilson Stone expressed concerns, saying school students may need to go later into the summer months unless individual school days are made significantly longer.