Legislative Term Limits Up for Discussion

Feb 20, 2012

A first term lawmaker from Louisville would like to see term limits set for each house of the legislature.  The measure, offered by Representative Mike Nemes , calls for a constitutional amendment.  If approved, it would require lawmakers to leave their chamber after 12 years. “It will somewhat rotate leadership so you won’t have leaders that possibly could be in charge for 20- 30 years and kind of run everything and the rank and file is kind of non-existent if that happens,” said Nemes.

Under Nemes legislation, after 12 years, lawmakers could opt to run for office in another chamber.  It also extends house members terms from two to four years and senate members from four to six years.  Nemes says they wouldn’t be forced to take a term off between elections.

“That’s not necessary to be able to rotate your leadership…and if the people really like you..that takes away the incumbency…and if you’re trying to be elected for something else..then people will re-look at that.  So, if people really want somebody who is doing a great job, that’s a way that they can keep them,” added Nemes.

Since lawmakers have decided to emphasize other constitutional amendments, Nemes doubts his term limit bill will be approved this session.