Legislative Leaders Wait to Hear from a Second Term Governor

Dec 12, 2011

As Governor Beshear prepares for tomorrow’s inaugural address, state lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are speculating on what Kentucky’s C-E-O will say about his second term agenda.

Once the governor is sworn-in, and delivers his inaugural address, leading Republicans want Steve Beshear to strike a tone of collaboration.  Senate Majority Floor Leader Robert Stivers hopes a second term results in more meaningful discussion.

“We need to sit down and have some real discussions and real solutions.. on those issues we can agree on…and not try to throw things out to be political hand grenades,” said Beshear.

As the economy improves, Stivers says the governor can build his legacy by pushing policies that help business. 

“I think that could be the biggest legacy he could leave..is to say…look I came out of a tremendously bad economic time..and put the things in place…that created an impacted jobs economic opportunity..for years after my administration,” added Stivers.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo adds it would be nice to have plenty of money to spend in education and social services.  But, the Democrat says that’s not the case. He expects to governor to recognize the economy is not ready for a bigger state budget.

“I don’t think he’ll say that because I don’t think that’s the case yet,” said Stumbo.

Stumbo predicts Governor Beshear will couple his experience gained during his first four years in office, with what the house leader calls a voter mandate, and could take some bold action in his second term.