'LEED' Certification at UK

Aug 8, 2011

‘Energy conservation’ is a primary feature in the University of Kentucky’s Davis Marksbury building.  The structure, part of UK’s College of Engineering, is the first building on the Lexington campus to receive a LEED (LEAD) certification.  LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environment Design is considered the standard rating system for the most energy efficient buildings.

Shane Tedder, coordinator of UK’s Office of Sustainability, says the three story building is well insulated.

“Goes as far as really high efficiency heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems.  It’s been designed to have great daylighting, so there’s diminished need for electricity in the facility because so much natural light is penetrating,” said Tedder.

Tedder says the Lexington school is in the midst of a 25 million dollar energy savings program.

“We’ve changed lighting in 61 facilities.  We’ve added water conservation fixtures in 61 facilities.  Added efficiency to our steam traps and out insulation to steam lines.  There are about 19 different energy conservation measures,” added Tedder.

While the renovations to the buildings on the Lexington campus carry a substantial cost, Tedder says that expense will be recouped over time.

“The third party that came in and did the retrofitting guaranteed enough savings to pay for the investment.  So, it will at least pay for itself in ten to twelve years and then depending on how high energy prices go, we’re likely to see a lot more cost avoidance because of those retrofits,” explained Tedder.

Tedder says there are also plans to incorporate LEED standards for a new lab for the Center for Applied Energy Research and the Wildcat ‘Coal’ lodge for university athletes.   He says energy conservation measures will also be a major part of renovations at the student center and the Sanders Brown Center on Aging.