Lawmaker Hopes to Expand EpiPen Availability in Schools

Oct 1, 2012

A Kentucky state lawmaker wants to expand EpiPen use in schools. EpiPens are used to stop the effects of allergic reactions, and currently, state law only allows students with allergies to carry the devices. But Representative Addia Wuchner says not all students are aware of their allergies, and she will again file a bill that would allow schools to carry EpiPens for general use.

Doctor Web Sublett says that could be the difference between life and death for some students.

“The way I think of EpiPens is as a fire extinguisher, we’re going to put out that allergic reaction, the number one treatment that we have is through the use of an EpiPen. In that situation we could potentially save lives.” says Sublett.

Wuchner says the bill failed last year because she introduced it too late in the session.