Does 'Potter' Foreshadow News Corp. Scandal?

Originally published on July 15, 2011 12:29 pm
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So two major business stories are the end of the Harry Potter film series and the News Corp. scandal. Since both are set in Britain, it's inevitable that people see parallels.


A "Harry Potter" book written years ago includes a nasty, underhanded tabloid newspaper reporter - a woman named Rita Skeeter. She does anything for a sleazy story.

INSKEEP: In fact, it is discovered that she has engaged in hidden surveillance of her subjects; she plants a bug. Or actually, she magically turns herself into a bug - a beetle - and listens into people. But in the end, she is caught and trapped in a glass jar.

LOUISE KELLY: News Corp. executive Rebekah Brooks was famous for doing anything for a story. Today she's lost her job, after critics said she took that honorable impulse too far.


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