Feline Historical Museum Opens In Ohio

Originally published on June 13, 2011 7:19 am
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Downtown Alliance, like many towns in Ohio, has fallen on hard times. Mark Locke, president of the town's Chamber of Commerce is pitting his hopes on cats.

MARK LOCKE: In the beginning it was kind of a joke around town because no one really took it very seriously. Then as people started finding out what it really was, they were going to be providing 12 nice paying full-time jobs, it's become very popular in town.

INSKEEP: Mr. Locke says the cat museum is part of a plan to create an arts district that will expand well beyond cats.

LOCKE: You know, those small trolls that had the long hair? Well, apparently that's huge and there are collectors all over the world, and these people are actually building a cage throughout the bottom floor of this building and it's going to be called the troll hole.

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