Last Minute Mailers

Dec 20, 2011

It’s pretty much crunch time for those mailing holiday greetings and the delivery men and women who move parcels from spot to spot.  The overall volume of mail is down slightly in Lexington.  Postal officials in Lexington project overall mail volume will be down almost two percent, as compared to last year.   Post office spokeswoman Susan Wright says seasons greetings delivered via the internet continue to eat into the traditional holiday mailings.

“The majority of that is the first class mail correspondence, Christmas Cards…that sort of we are seeing an impact with electronic media..but that’s been the case for several years and we have planned appropriately for that,” said Wright.

Some travelers this holiday season may opt to send some packages through the mail, instead of loading them into their vehicles.  Wright says it’s particularly the case with air travelers.

“We’re also seeing a lot more customers mailing items prior to taking a flight so if people are going somewhere to visit or if they are going home,…because of the increased fees that airlines are charging..we’re seeing a lot more people ship items ahead of their travel,” explained  Wright.

Mailing gift cards the old fashioned way can create some headaches at the post office processing center.  Wright says gift cards sent inside Christmas cards can jam equipment.

“What we can see is those gift cards jamming the if your item is damaged it may have not been the item that caused the jam but it could be the several pieces that followed because things are coming through the system so quickly,” said Wright.

Wright says the deadline for express mail is Thursday.  Items mailed by then should still make it to their destination by Christmas day.