Last Minute Compromise over Road Spending

Apr 12, 2012

Kentucky lawmakers have once again reached a late night agreement on an important revenue bill to avoid a special session. The House and the Senate finally compromised on two-year and six-year road plans early this morning, after Governor Steve Beshear threatened to call a special session if they could not do so. House Speaker Greg Stumbo says the impasse was finally broken at about the same time the budget conference committee passed their compromise two weeks ago.

“3 o’ clock seems to be the magic hour. 3 o’ clock in the morning seems to become the magic hour around here,” Stumbo says.

The plan covers the Transportation Cabinet budget and includes projects in all 120 counties.  But the biggest compromise seems to be on the Ohio River Bridges project, which will be funded fully by highway funds, not bonds like the Senate had proposed.

Stumbo says the proposals for the state’s infrastructure projects are solid.

“We have the support of a majority on the conferees on that plan and I think the Senate has the same. It’s a balanced plan,” he says.

Lawmakers will vote on the road plan later today, before heading home for good for 2012.