Landscaping Initiative Planned for UK

Apr 30, 2014

The University of Kentucky's tree canopy will grow by more than 400 plantings soon.  Additional elm, oak, locust, and tulip trees will be planted over the next year.  UK Vice President for Facilities Management Bob Wiseman says recent construction on the Lexington campus has resulted in the need to replace them. "Some of the older buildings had trees right next to them and we had to take them down, but this is an effort in consolidation with our master plan to say we're going to plant in places where future buildings are not going.  So we're gonna make sure we have 150 years of trees going forward as well," said Wiseman.

The University is spending 400 thousand dollars on the project.  UK senior forestry student Hannah Angel says it's money well spent, with trees providing environmental and economic benefits.  "Trees have been shown to have an effect on your mood, so I think, overall, having more trees on campus will just create an overall better working and learning environment for the campus," said Angel.

The plantings will include elm, oak, and tulip varieties.  In addition, a federal flood management project in the Alumni Drive area will involve planting more than 200 trees on UK property.​