Landfill Shutting Down

Dec 28, 2011

A Fayette County landfill, opened in the 1970’s, closes Friday.  Since 1995, Lexington’s Haley Pike landfill has only accepted construction and demolition debris.  Now, the facility is filled to capacity.   Mark York, with Lexington’s Division of Environmental Policy, says the closure primarily affects the construction industry.

“It will primarily impact people who are in the construction business…builders…developers…remodelers..again this type of material would be your concrete block, brick, your two by fours..lumber that type of material,” said York.

There are other options for the disposal of construction debris.  They include Thoroughbred Landfill and the Bluegrass Waste Alliance Transfer Station in Fayette county and the Central Kentucky Landfill in Georgetown.  Also, re-usable building items like flooring, doors, and fixtures can be taken to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Lexington.

Mark York says most local household waste goes into a pair of out-of-county landfills.

“It’s becoming more difficult to site landfills and now…it’s been that case for a number of years as a matter of fact..landfills have taken on more of a regional approach..they serve more than just one county…they may serve ten or 12 counties..and so I don’t anticipate that changing in the coming future,” added York.

York says Lexington remains financially responsible for capping and monitoring the Haley Pike landfill.  He adds a composting and convenience center at the facility will remain open.