Ky. Senate Passes Proposal to Shorten Legislative Sessions

Mar 19, 2014


Legislation aimed at shortening Kentucky General Assembly sessions has easily passed the state's senate.  If approved by the full legislature, the constitutional amendment would require statewide voter approval before it could to go into effect. 

 Senate President Robert Stivers is the primary bill sponsor, "It's a cost saving measure, saves substantial monies.  We still keep the same amount of influence in my opinion in the system because of the ability to come back in on the called days," said Stivers.

 Under the bill, the legislature could call itself back into special session for up to ten days during a two year period.  The proposal was amended to require the majority agreement of four leaders of different political parties from the House and Senate. House Speaker Greg Stumbo is not completely sold on the idea.  "I agree with the concept of shorter weeks.  I don't know that I agree with the concept of not as many days in the session.  It's becoming increasingly more and more complicated as there are more and more issues that the general assembly deals with," said Stumbo. The measure calls for 45 legislative days in even-numbered years and five in odd-numbered years.