KY Parents Organize Against Toxic Chemicals

Aug 11, 2011

A campaign to spotlight toxic chemicals that may be lurking in everyday consumer products is gaining momentum thanks to celebrity spokeswomen like Jessica Alba and concerned parents across the country. A group of 30 or so protestors in Lexington's Woodland Park recently urged Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul to support tougher regulations on chemicals used in consumer products. Organizer Greg Capillo highlighted increases in some childhood cancers, which some believe could be related to chemical and environmental factors.

"The best way to handle that would be testing consumer products like we test everything else. Like we test drugs. Like we test food. The things we are putting into our bodies to make sure that they're safe to expose ourselves to," he said.

Capillo and others are pushing for passage of The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011, which would task the EPA with deciding which consumer product chemicals post the most potential danger and placing tighter restrictions on those deemed to be high risk.