Ky Officials Considering Specialty License Plate Reforms

Aug 3, 2017


Kentucky transportation officials continue in their efforts to reform the popular specialized and personalized license plate programs. 

The primary emphasis is to reduce subsidizing the vehicle plate programs with state road fund dollars.

In 2016, county clerks renewed more than 137,000 specialty plates, about 13% of all registrants. 

The state has placed moratoriums on new applications for both specialty and personalized license plates. Department of Vehicle Regulation Commissioner John Mark Hack says reforms are aimed at saving state road fund money.

“Anything that we can save in administrative expenses on programs like the special license plate program is going to be more resources available for road and bridge maintenance and road and bridge construction,” said Hack.

Hack says there are close to 120 specialty plates.  He says one change being considered is to make contributions to specialty plate non-profits mandatory and not voluntary as is the current policy.

The vehicle regulation commissioner says the most popular specialty plate by a wide margin is ‘friends of coal’ followed by the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund, and breast cancer awareness plates.