KY Libyans See Gaddafi Death as Closure, Hope

Oct 20, 2011

Libyans living in Kentucky are celebrating the demise of dictator Moammar Gaddafi. The Libyan strongman was killed Thursday in fighting with rebels. Lexington businessman Ibrahim Bakoush says Gaddafi’s death brings closure to decades of atrocities. Libyans now, he says, are looking ahead. “Now it should be their concentration, what’s my future, what’s my kids’s future, how I can manage my kid’s future, there is a bright future for my kids, that’s what I’m hoping for,” said Bakoush.

Bakoush says many Libyans living in central Kentucky want to go back to their homeland, at least to visit friends and relatives they haven’t seen in years.  Bakoush says his cousin flew out of Lexington today.

Bakoush wants to see friends and relatives he hasn’t seen in 32 years.

“There’s a good number of community members here, they did went to Libya to visit at least, because you know, Lexington is home,” said Bakoush.       

Bakoush says 25 to 30 Libyan families live in Lexington. He thinks a free Libya will make a smooth transition to democracy and doesn’t think revenge killings will be part of the changeover.