Ky. House Expected to Discuss, Pass Proposed Budget

Mar 11, 2014


The Kentucky House is expected to vote on a state budget Wednesday, but not without some debate.   Republican delegates were expected to caucus Tuesday to get details from staff of the Legislative Research Commission. 

 Minority Caucus Chair Bob DeWeece says he thought, as the GOP has made gains in House seats, his party might get more of a say in developing the budget.  "I would think so that we would have more say, but, as we get closer, we have less say," said DeWeece.

 DeWeece says House Republicans are expected to digest key elements of the revised budget within 24 hours.  Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins says members of the minority party are indeed a part of the process.  "Well, I think there's been Republican input.  You know we break down the budget on the House side in a very bipartisan way. That's what our seven subcommittees are all about," said Adkins. Adkins says budget subcommittees have been expanded during the past 25 years to include more members.  The floor leader admits Wednesday's debate on the budget could be extensive.