Ky. House to Consider Animal Shelter Gas Chamber Bill

Mar 6, 2014


The Kentucky General Assembly is considering legislation that would ban the use of gas chambers at the state's animal shelters. 

 Pam Rodgers, State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, says the organization wants to send a message to those shelters still gassing animals at their facilities, “that we are not gonna allow gas chambers in the state period, regardless if there’s any active right now." Rodgers adds,   "We want to make sure that they’re not gonna use that method to euthanize animals in Kentucky.  It’s not recommended and it’s not safe for the animals. It’s inhumane basically and it’s also not safe for the workers."

   According to Rodgers, euthanasia by injection is cheaper than gas and safer for the workers.   Besides questions of humane treatment, she says it’s just not suitable for many dogs for age and health reasons.  “But, it’s really not safe for the very young, the very old, anyone that’s ill or impaired circulatory system, so that’s another issue, so for those animals, they would need to have some other methods, so they might as well just go euthanasia by injection for everything,” said Rodgers.    A House committee has given its approval to the measure and now it’s before the full House.