Ky House Advances Bill to Expand KASPER Electronic Prescription Reporting

Mar 9, 2017


Officials from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services are asking for expansion of prescription electronic reporting, saying it could help doctors respond to the state’s opioid drug problem.

Health Secretary Vickie Yates Brown Glisson calls drug addiction the state’s number one public health issue.  To help combat that, Glisson got Senate Health and Welfare Committee approval to enhance KASPER, Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting.

“It allows a physician to be able to see dirty toxicology reports, positive toxicology reports that may have been produced in an emergency room.  No information from a hospital emergency room surprisingly appears in KASPER,” she said.

Health Inspector General Robert Silverthorn said a more robust reporting system would tell doctors if controlled substances were dispensed and if patients experienced a drug overdose.  The House bill now goes to the full Senate.

Glisson said 60 percent of the 8,000 children in state foster care are there as a result of drug addiction issues in their families.  In addition, she told committee members more than 1,200 babies were diagnosed last year with neonatal abstinence syndrome. ​