Ky Community College Officials Schooled in Entrepreneurial Methods

Aug 10, 2017


A number of officials within the Kentucky Community and Technical College System have been schooled in entrepreneurial thinking. 

KCTCS representatives gathered prior to last week’s Saving Our Appalachian Region Summit in Pikeville.

Dr. Larry Ferguson is vice president of resource development at the KCTCS office in Versailles.

“We think by thinking that way, thinking like an entrepreneur, we can ignite a lot of ideas, particularly in the SOAR and ARC region to help drive our economies there,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson says course offerings at Kentucky’s community colleges are focusing on entrepreneurial instruction. 

He says colleges are also acting as business incubators for people striking out in the business world.

Ferguson cited Southeast Community and Technical College which sponsors an annual event called “Selling to the World.”  He says it’s aimed at helping local entrepreneurs who make and sell products and services to access e-commerce as a way to grow their business.