Ky Circuit Court Clerks' Exam Period Underway

Oct 23, 2017


Prospective candidates for the office of circuit court clerk have two and a half weeks to register for the 2018 election qualifying exam. 

The elected office of circuit court clerk will be on the ballot for all 120 Kentucky counties next year.

Among other duties, circuit clerks are responsible for filing lawsuits and court documents.

Kentucky Association of Circuit Court Clerk President John Middleton says the use of electronic filings by judges changes the timing in some court cases.

“Any time you have a smoother process, it becomes a quicker process.  It helps all parties involved.  It is becoming a more complex job of being circuit clerk,” said Middleton.

Anyone who wants to run for the office must score at least 70% on the exam. 

The Kenton County Circuit Court Clerk says he and other association members have been watching the pension reform dialogue in Frankfort.