KY Approves Special License Tags

Jul 7, 2011

Two new specialty license plates have been approved by the Transportation Cabinet.  One tag supports the Alzheimer’s Association, while the second carries the slogan “In God We Trust” with a backdrop of the American flag.  Kentucky already has a regular plate with the “In God We Trust” slogan”.  But MaryAnn Gramig, who’s president of the ROCK Cares Foundation which sponsors the new plate, says it bolsters a spiritual message.

“The plate is a very respectful and beautiful display of the national motto. I think it will be very popular and it’s great Kentuckians will have a choice. Some of them will be able to display the national motto with the regular issue plate and those who may want to choose the dressed up version, the special plate through the Rock Cares Foundation will be able to do that choice as well,” Gramig said.

And an opportunity says Gramig, to provide funding for programs that help Kentucky women and children victimized by pornography and the sex industry. Kentucky offers a variety of specialized license plates. Close to 100 plates reflect a range of issues, from affection for amateur radio to conserving wetlands for ducks. 

Kentucky already has an undecorated regular plate with that spiritual slogan. Gramig says there’s room for two.

“Oh absolutely. It’s our national motto. Americans are proud of it. Kentuckians are certainly patriotic individuals and it will be wonderful to see both plates on the road and I am happy anytime I see that phrase displayed in a way that is honoring to our nation’s values,” said Gramig.

Those values, says Gramig, include decency, moral virtue and human dignity. She says the plate should be available at county clerks offices by November.