KU, LG&E Crews Heading to Puerto Rico

Dec 27, 2017

Credit publicpower.com

Some 30 LG&E and Kentucky Utilities workers will leave next week for Puerto Rico to help with massive power restoration efforts.  

Nearly two dozen pieces of heavy equipment should be placed on barges by the end of this week.  Chris Whelan is a spokeswoman for the utility company. “So, we’re sending over our electric line technicians, safety personnel, and crews that actually restore the electric service,” said Whelan.  “They will be doing work in a certain region of Puerto Rico and should be there for several months.”


Whelan says the mission should last about nine weeks and crews will endure long days in hot-humid conditions.  “The terrain that LG&E and KU have been sent to is supposed to be pretty remote and pretty hilly, so they’ve got some tough days ahead of them.  We’re very proud that these folks have volunteered to go and help the folks in Puerto Rico and we sure hope it helps them,” said Whelan.


Whelan says about 3,500 crew members from the main land are  working to restore electricity to storm damaged areas.  She says that number could rise to five to six thousand.