KSP Collect Storm Relief Items

While the Red Cross and other relief agencies concentrate on fundraising on behalf of storm relief efforts, Kentucky State Police are collecting all manner of supplies to aid in the cleanup and recovery across the Commonwealth. KSP spokesman, Lieutenant David Jude says all 16 posts have been designated as drop-off areas where people can donate badly needed items.

“So what we’ve thought is if we could get each post to be a collection spot for donations for goods that are needed in those communities, then we can work as an agency to get those goods efficiently down to those areas. It’s the right thing to do.”

Jude says they're collecting everything from first aid kits to cleaning supplies; even non-perishable food.    

Donations will be accepted through Saturday March 10th.

Below is a list of items now being accepted:

1.     Leather gloves

2.     Shovels

3.     Rakes

4.     Thermoses

5.     Batteries

6.     Flashlights

7.     Coffee pots

8.     Antibiotic cream

9.     Band-aids

10. First aid kits

11. Soap

12. Body wash

13. Bottled hand soap/hand sanitizer

14. Deodorant

15. Feminine products

16. Shampoo/cream rinse

17. Shaving cream/razors

18. Toothbrushes/toothpaste

19. Bath towels/washcloths

20. Baby formula

21. Baby food

22. Baby diapers (all sizes)

23. Baby blankets

24. Bottles

25. Toilet paper

26. Styrofoam cups

27. Cleaning supplies such as bleach, mops, brooms and buckets

28. Laundry detergent

29. Plastic goods (cups and cutlery)

30. Paper goods (plates, napkins, towels and bowls)

31. Disposable gloves (rubber or latex)

32. Trash bags (all sizes)

33. Cat and dog food

34. Plastic containers

35. Blankets

36. Gift cards

37. Bottled water

38. Non-perishable food items