Kings Singers join with Sean Curran Dance Co. at Norton Center

Nov 16, 2012

The Kings Singers are a vocal ensemble with a range that crosses boundaries….both stylistically and geographically.  In fact, during the past year, the six-member group has performed in over three dozen countries. They sing the work of contemporary composers, long-established classics and even specially-commissioned pieces.  Kings Singers, Jonathan Howard and Paul Phoenix, spoke with John Hingsbergen about the group itself and Friday night’s performance of “Travel Songs” at Centre College’s Norton Center for the Arts. 

The show is a collaboration with the Sean Curran Dance Company.

Phoenix, who’s been with the group 15 years, is the second-longest current member of the troupe, formed in 1968 at King’s College, Cambridge.

The Kings Singers performance at the Norton Center is the third of four with the Sean Curran Dance Company.   It’s the result of a collaboration that was over a year in the making.