The Kills On World Cafe

Indie rock duo The Kills came together when Alison "VV" Mosshart heard British guitarist Jamie "Hotel" Hince practicing in a hotel room. Mosshart and Hince began airmailing work tapes back and forth across the Atlantic, but soon realized that a long-distance collaboration was too taxing. Mosshart moved across the pond from her hometown in Florida to London, and The Kills were born.

The duo developed a reputation from powerful live shows, and the band's lo-fi punk style drew comparisons to the White Stripes — part garage rock, part blues.

So far, The Kills have released a total of four albums, including this year's Blood Pressures. The album is rough, raw and undeniably hip, full of tension and restraint. It's clear that over the years, The Kills have learned how to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

The Kills finish up a tour of North America in Los Angeles this weekend, then jet off for a series of dates in the U.K. Copyright 2011 WXPN-FM. To see more, visit