Kids "Brush Off" In Unison

Feb 23, 2012

February is National Children's Dental Health Month and hundreds of students at a local elementary school brushed their teeth in unison at an assembly this/Thursday morning as part of the first annual "Brush Off!" event. The rally at Booker T. Washington Academy was meant to urge kids to adopt good oral hygiene habits. But for student Samantha Wiggington, avoiding drills and fillings might be all the encouragement she needs. 

When asked if she likes going to the dentist, she replies with an adamant "No!" 

According to the latest state dental health assessment in 2001, half of Kentucky's children had decay in their primary teeth and nearly the same percentage ages 2 to 4 had untreated dental issues. 

"Those are staggering numbers and from what we understand they're about twice the national average," says Paul Brophy is with UnitedHealthcare, the sponsor of the event. 

That's why Brophy says it's crucial kids know the basics - brushing twice a day for two minutes. And by the sounds of it, today's message went over well with the audience.