KET Hosts Secretary of State Debate

The candidates for secretary of state will meet for a debate on Kentucky Educational Television Monday night.  Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and Republican Bill Johnson will discuss a variety of issues, including voting rights and business filings in the commonwealth. The campaign has been defined by their disagreement over whether homeless people should be able to register to vote without an address.

Grimes says she hopes the debate will be defined by their different solutions to issues and the poor economy facing citizens.

"As Kentuckians have watched what are leaders have been doing in Washington I think now more than ever they are tired of the empty sound bites. They are tired of the scare tactics. They want, they need and deserve to have leaders that have sound solutions ," she says.

Johnson says the discussion will contrast him and Grimes, and give voters a clear choice this November.

"Picture ID at the polls is an important issue. Whether or not we should have automatic restoration of voting rights for felons is an important issue. So my opponent and I have differing views on this. So I think the debate will be good to help the voters."

Grimes and Johnson will face off at 8 p.m. KET has already hosted candidates for state treasurer and agriculture commissioner.