Kentucky's Top Teachers Honored In Frankfort

Oct 16, 2013

A 26-year veteran in education is the 2014 Kentucky Teacher of the Year.  Murray Elementary third grade teacher Holly Bloodworth was recognized during today’s event in the state capitol.  Bloodworth says she has grown wiser over the years.

Holly Bloodworth of Murray Independent.
Credit WKMS News

“I feel like it’s kind of for my whole body of work.  I feel like I’m a better teacher now than I’ve ever been because I still love going to work every day.  I love the students that I teach and their families.  I have that advantage of experience,” said Bloodworth.

The western Kentucky teacher says she’s worked alongside fabulous teachers and can share the honor with them.  Bloodworth says home visits make a major contribution as she develops teaching strategies.  She says meeting students and their families at home fosters a closer relationship.

“The children show me their toys.  They take me in their rooms and I get to see what books they’re reading and then the day they come to school I can start making connections and I can suggest books to them and I feel like I know them and they know me.  It’s like they’ve welcomed me into their home and now school becomes our home together,” said Bloodworth.

The top prize includes the opportunity for a sabbatical, but Bloodworth doesn’t want to take any time off.

“They did mention a sabbatical, but my first, I mean I do not want to leave my classroom.  I think that would be horrible.  Woo, my teacher is teacher of the year, but she left.  There’s no way I would want to leave my classroom at this point for sure,” added Bloodworth.

Bloodworth was also awarded a ten-thousand dollar check.  She plans to donate money to a local book club, community theater, and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  Bloodworth will also compete for National Teacher of the Year.  Fayette County’s Melanie Trowell of the Woodson Academy was named Middle School Teacher of the Year.  Lincoln County math instructor Joanna Howerton Stevens is the High School Teacher of the Year.